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Where Does All Our Paper Go?

Recent customer surveys informed us that a large majority of customers are interested in the environmental and economic benefits of their recycling. Depending on the amount of material your facility generates and the type of service you require, your individual recycling program may be a revenue generating program, or simply a cost diversion and a way to avoid disposal costs.

Regardless of your situation, in recycling there are significant benefits that you and your fellow employees are providing for the community, environment, and economy. Before reviewing the many examples, we would first like to thank you for your patronage and inform you of how proud you and your fellow co-workers should be of your actions. We look forward to continuing to serve you, and hope to help you expand your current recycling program to positively increase your bottom line while simultaneously improving our environment, economy, and communities.

Recycling Facts and Figures
A Joint Effort.

Again, we thank you for your patronage over the past year. We want you to know that providing the best customer service possible is our number one priority. We urge you to contact us at any time without hesitation if you have any problems, questions, or concerns. As a company, we take these concerns seriously and will do everything in our power to address them quickly. We hope that you not only found these facts interesting, but that they also displayed the drastic impact your company is making by recycling and buying recycled products.

“For approximately 15 years we have had an outstanding rapport with Cougle’s. The route drivers and customer service staff have gone above and beyond the call of duty to ensure optimal service for Sacred Heart Hospital. Cougle’s Recycling, Inc. has helped us tailor a program to specifically fit our needs, including working with us to comply with governmental regulations such as the HIPPA.”

Shawn Malloy
Environmental Svcs. Coord.
Sacred Heart Hospital


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