Based on PA Law : Scrap Material Theft Prevention Act/Restricted Materials
As of 12/1/2015 We will no longer be able to purchase the following materials from you unless you are a commercial account.
The following may be purchased ONLY from a “COMMERCIAL ENTERPRISE” – DO NOT purchase UNLESS a “COMMERCIAL ACCOUNT”.

New product scrap or new material that are a part of a manufacturing process that is being sold by an individual, not a company.
Full sized, new materials, such as those used in construction, or equipment and tools used by contractors.
Commercial metal property which by definition includes:

Utility access covers
Street light poles and fixtures
Road and bridge guardrails
Highway or street signs
Water meter covers
Traffic directional and control signals
Any metal property clearly marked with the name of the commercial enterprise, including, but not limited to: a telephone, cable, electric, water, natural gas or any other utility or railroad.
Unused or undamaged building construction materials consisting of copper pipe, tubing or wire, aluminum wire, siding, downspouts or gutters
Aluminum or stainless steel fence panels
Aluminum decking, bleachers or risers
Historical markers
Statue plaques
Grave markers
Funeral vases
Agricultural irrigation wheels, sprinkler head and pipes

Metallic wire that has been burned in whole or in part to remove insulation, unless the aggregate value is less than $100.00.
Beer kegs (128 Fluid Ounces or larger)
Detached catalytic converters
Railroad material (NEW/SB 1077) “Railroad material” is defined as “Railroad power and signal equipment, road or rail crossing signals, railroad track, railroad switch components, railroad spike, angle/joint bar as used in the jointing of railroad track, railroad anchors, railroad tie plate or bold used in constructing a railroad.”