A Resource for Municipal & Government Recycling Programs

You already have a successful recycling program in place but are looking for a new materials recovery facility to accept it.

We can accept your collected recyclables at our Hamburg, PA MRF where you can feel secure that the material will be processed to extract the maximum amount of recyclables possible and that you will receive a competitive value. Materials can be delivered or we can arrange pickup through our transportation division.

Our location commonly accepts: Single Stream Materials (Paper, Corrugated, Plastics Bottles #1-7, Glass bottles, Aluminum Cans, Tin Cans), Commingle Material (Same items as single stream without Paper or Corrugated), Mixed Paper, Newspaper, Magazines, Office Paper, Corrugated, Separated Plastics 1-3, and Glass bottles.

As a general rule the more your material is segregated the greater its value.

To schedule a time to speak with someone about the items you have, pricing, and delivery (or pickup) please contact us.

You have an upcoming recycling request for quote or request for proposal that you’d like us to participate in.

We would like a chance to be included in your RFP for recycling services. Please contact us.

You need to develop a new recycling program.

We are poised and ready to help you establish a recycling program that will work for your specific location. Please contact us to discuss details. Some items that we ask you research prior to contacting us are:

  • Do you want to begin a curbside program (where residents place the recyclables outside in the bins and vehicles come and empty them) or do you want to have a drop off center?
  • What type of materials do you wish to recycle in your program?
  • How many residents will utilize this service/what is your expected volume?
  • If a curbside program – do you have any preferences on the hauler contracted?
  • If a drop off center – what type of room do you have for recycling containers? What setup are you interested in having?
  • How will you help combat contamination?

Upon considering the above items please get in touch with us.

You have a recycling program but would like to make some changes or explore your options.

Even a great recycling program can sometimes benefit from a new set of eyes and someone versed in new and potentially innovative ways to optimize your community's recycling impact.

We would be happy to review your process and provide our thoughts, praise, and suggestions. To schedule a time to discuss or setup an onsite visit please contact us.

Your recycling program requires new containers.

If you currently recycle with CRI and your program is in need of some new or different recycling container options we’d be happy to assist. Please contact us.

Your township currently utilizes CRI and you would like to print educational signs or posters.

We have found that the first step to help reduce unnecessary contamination in recyclables is better education. On our upgraded website we wanted to create a free resource that can be used to make a positive impact for everyone. We would hope that you are our customer and use us for recycling BUT if you aren’t in our area just be sure that you are doing your part to help our planet stay green.

Check out our online signage repository and start making that positive impact NOW.

Please know that these images were created by CRI and should not be reproduced or distributed without written permission.

The above topics do not answer your questions and you would like to contact us.

Sorry that you didn’t see what you’re looking for in the frequently asked questions. In order to speak with someone in person please dial 610.562.8336 x0 (M-F 8:00am – 4:00pm) or contact us using our online contact form.