Obsolete Product/Full Goods Destruction

Due to the many safety standards in place as well as human and equipment error an unfortunate side effect of production is waste. While our customers do their best to limit the amount of waste created we step in to ensure that each of these items are handled with sustainability in mind. Without a recovery team (like ours) these items were previously destined for a landfill. Our team removes items from packaging (recycles all packaging), the liquids, solids, or semisolids are emptied, processed, and prepared for use as alternative fuel, feed source, or yada. 


Full goods 

Full beverage bottles (water or sugared) are received and processed. Unfortunately at this time we are unable to handle any type of alcohol (we are not currently licensed by LCB). New processing equipment will also allow us to empty full food containers (soups, veggies, and dry mixes). The food residual will be used as a feed, fuel, or compost source.



The above equipment is one of the options used, full bottles are emptied from their packaging and loaded into this machine where the liquids are squeezed out and collected. The formerly full containers are compacted and resold to create new "recycled" content containers.

iStock-157193075 (1).jpg


Our process allows the above contains to be recycled and reused. Prior methods resulted in truckloads of obsolete goods dumped in landfills where they sat. We are now able to fully recycle all packaging and effienctly reuse the liquid.