What Do We Consider Contaminants?

  1. Food Waste
  2. Yard Waste
  3. Human or Animal Waste (including any personal hygiene items)
  4. Cords, Hoses, Blinds, String, Rags, Plastic Strapping, or any like items that can become wrapped around our equipment (much like a string on a vacuum). *
  5. Plastic shopping bags, zip lock bags, packaging bubble wrap, and other like items. * *These type of items are extremely bad for our production equipment and cause a lot of lost time and potential damage. *
  6. Any items that are heavily soiled or water-soaked
  7. Large plastic toys that contain both plastic, metal and/or wood (screws, hinges, springs)
  8. Glass windows or panes
  9. Ceramics, Pottery, China (bowls, cups, plates, vases, etc.)
  10. PVC
  11. Medical Waste or Sharps
  12. Electronic Waste (If you can plug it in to power it up (or charge it) ... we can’t take it.)
  13. Batteries
  14. Light bulbs
  15. Full (unemptied) bottles, cans, or containers